Fiesta Gardens Homes Association

POOL & Party rules

  1. Pool parties can be scheduled for 2 specific times.
  2. You can only book for a day party or an evening/night party, not both time slots.
  3. Day parties are available 7 days a week from 12:30 to 4:30pm.
  4. Day parties have a guest limit of 40 which does not include Fiesta Garden residents.
  5. Day parties cost $160 plus a $300 deposit which will be returned at the end of your event.
  6. Night parties are available on Fridays or Saturday nights only from 6:30 to 11:00pm
  7. Night party guest limit is 80 which does not include Fiesta Garden residents
  8. Night parties cost $250 with a $300 deposit which will be returned at the end of your event
  9. Deposits will be returned once a post-party checklist is completed by the staff
  10. No cover charge is allowed to impose on guests for parties
  11. All loud music must be turned down by 10:00pm during night parties
  12. Jump houses are allowed in the grass area
  13. No slip and slides are allowed
  14. Water balloons must be kept in the grass area and are not allowed in the pool
  15. No glass is permitted in the pool area
  16. Any glass must be kept off the pool deck and must be served into plastic cups
  17. No drinking or eating is allowed in the pool
  18. Wristbands must be worn by residents at all times
  19. Guest wristbands may be purchased from staff for $2.00
  20. 5 guests per residence maximum
  21. The pool closes at 8:00pm
  22. At the top of every hour the pool will be cleared for 15 minutes for adult swim
  23. Adult swim is anyone 18 yrs or older, during adult swim infants are allowed with an adult
  24. No pets are allowed in the pool area, cabana or grass areas
  25. Follow all pool rules, the Lifeguard staff has the ability to remove any persons not complying with the rules.