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UPDATES: October 4, 2023

Thank you to Steve Stanovcak for the updates and details as this has been a painful process like most construction projects. Unfortunately, we do not have a confirmed final completion date. But we aim to keep you updated. 

  1. The porta-potty is gone. Yay!
  2. More noticeable landscaping has started taking place. Some of the trees and Toro sprinkler equipment have not arrived but are expected this coming week. 
  3. The completion of the PG&E hookup. We are at PG&E’s mercy. PG&E anchor was set last Sunday (10/1) for the new pole that was installed. PG&E can come and finish hooking up power. No date as of today when this will happen, as we are at their mercy.
  4. 1 water heater is on back order which was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago. 
  5. An electrical panel upgrade in the pool pump room is still being evaluated. 
  6. Fire alarm and fire sprinkler system electrical connections were made on Friday (9/29). These items can not get signed off until we have power. 
  7. AT&T was on site Friday and made phone and internet connections.
  8. There are many items on the interior that still need to take place including painting, Sheetrock work, installing appliances .
  9. Gate hardware for the front gate and gates that separate the pool along with painting of the fences. 

We are getting close and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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